At De Jongh Optometry, we understand that caring for your eyes requires a clear grasp of your expectations, concerns, individual vision requirements, and circumstances. The individual needs of each of our patients play a key role in how we design their eye care. Our optometrists are specialists in evaluating your unique symptoms, needs and vision solutions.

Comprehensive eye exams

Instead of waiting for disease to steel away your good healthy vision – modern eye care aims to preserve the good vision you have by identifying threats to your eye and vision health before it causes you preventable damage.

Cutting edge technology to diagnose and treat eye conditions

Not only brings digital technology with it a wealth of detailed information which we use to notice early changes to your eye health – but it also assist us in designing the most advanced lens designs to correct you vision. 

Excellent quality product and service

Value is not about how much you pay – but about what you get for the money you pay. We only stock high quality product while ensuring that we can offer various options to suit your budget. Our recommendation aims to provide you with the best quality your money can buy.

Specialized dry eye care

Your eye comfort relies on a tear layer of less than half a millimetre thick. Gritty, scratchy and chronic red eyes are mainly caused by some defect in this special layer. We do an in depth analysis to understand why you suffer with chronic eye irritation and discomfort.

Advance contact lens correction for keratoconus and irregular corneas

Contact lenses are a safe and popular way of correcting your blurred vision. We are experts in helping you get rid of your glasses. We also do highly specialized correction of complex conditions such as keratoconus and irregular corneal aberration.

Child vision care and therapy

Our children needs clear comfortable vision to assist them in reaching their optimal academic performance. We invest intensely in skill and technology to care for the developing visual system of children. We offer them trendy frames, contact lens options and assist them with therapy to have a flexible visual system.

Low vision care

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Age related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes causes irreversible damage to one’s vision. When glasses no longer can improve the quality of your vision – we can assist with magnifying devices and telescopes.

Up to date on exciting frame fashion brands and trends

Nothing is more obvious in your face that the frame that carries your spectacle lenses. We enjoy fitting patients out with personalized trendy eye wear that is a pleasure to show to the world.

Drivers Licence Screening

There is more to life that standing in long queues to submit to less than hygienic situations. We take the hassle out of renewing you driver’s license and give you a certificate to prove your vision is good to go.

Contracted with most major Medical Aids

We will confirm your optical medical aid benefits and submit your claim on your behalf.

A serene neat, calm environment with a complimentary cup of coffee in your hand is a welcome escape from the rushed world out there.