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  • De Jongh Optometry - glasses

Onwards and Upwards!

De Jongh Optometry takes up residence at 886 Rubenstein Drive, Moreleta Park. When Deidre de Jongh opened her independent optometric practice in 1990, the countryside opposite the Moreleta Spruit was home only to cattle and green pastures. The develo [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry - Festive Season

Countdown To the Festive Season

Daar is slegs 5 weke oor voordat die praktyk sluit op die 18de Desember 2015. Ons herinner u graag om nou 'n afspraak te maak indien u u brille, sonbrille of kontaklense gereed wil hê vir die vakansie. Laaste bestel datum vir aflewering in 2015 is 4 [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry Diabetes day image

World Diabetes Day

14 November is World Diabetes Day.  Diabetes can have serious health complications, including diabetic eye disease.  Known as diabetic retinopathy, this eye disease progresses silently and typically presents with no symptoms in the early stage. Diab [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry Nutrition

Nutrition Week

As we are coming to the end of Nutrition week, here are a few insights to nutrition and your eyes. Did you know your eyes have the incredible ability to change light into electricity? That’s true! We receive images in the form of light energy. As ou [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry Jakarandas

National Eye Care Awareness Month

It is the month of October and Pretoria is violet with its masses of jacaranda trees in bloom. It is also a month filled with health days and weeks. October is National Eye Care Awareness month. You only have two eyes.  Take care of them. With final [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry Allergy Eyes

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and for some of us it seemed to happen overnight! Along with the beautiful blossoms, jasmine flowers and bright new green leaves comes a high dose of pollen. Teamed with a good waft of dust and grass seeds abundantly floating ar [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry Newsletter UV

UV Protection

If UV damage to the eye is cumulative like UV damage to the skin… Why are we not protecting our eyes like we do our skin? Living in the southern tip of Africa brings with it fresh air, wide open spaces and long lazy sunny days… Often times we simply [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry Artificial_Tears

Dry Eyes

Ever wondered what the distance is your eyelids travel on a day? The leaves are falling and the environment is gradually putting on its winter clothes. Now is the time for comfort food and a warming aperitif in front of the fire place. This is also [...]

  • De Jongh Optometry to close to screen

Comfort Office Lenses

Relaxing your eyes is like relaxing your legs.  “ The head bone connected from the neck bone The neck bone connected from the shoulder bone … …Shin bone connected from the ankle bone  Ankle bone connected from the heel bone” – Dem Bones (James Weldo [...]

Checking Your Child’s Vision

Phew...What a relief! Everything is in place for the new school term....BUT have you checked your child’s vision? In an ever competitive environment we strive to give our children the best advantage to perform and thrive. And so with the start of th [...]