What is an ocular migraine?

When we think of a migraine, we usually associate it with a headache. But migraines can vary in symptoms and triggers. For example, ocular migraines are a subtype that involves visual changes and disturbances. A range of visual changes can develop, w [...]

Under Pressure

Our eyes are incredible, complicated organs. Many different components need to work together for us to be able to see. This means that when one of those components breaks down, it can cause big problems for eyesight. A component you might not think o [...]

The answers to the Facebook Song Title Quiz

99 Red Balloons - NenaEye Of The Tiger - SurvivorJump - Van HalenSledgehammer - Peter GabrielDied In Your Arms - Cutting CrewAfrica - TotoWhen Doves Cry - PrinceVideo Killed The Radio Star - The BugglesLivin' On A Prayer - Bon JoviWalk Like An Egypti [...]

An easy guide to your eye’s anatomy

1. Eyelid What is it? Your eyelid is a thin fold of skin, lined with a row of eyelashes. Each eye has an upper and lower eyelid, and they can be opened and closed by special muscles. What does it do? The eyelids are vital to keeping your eyes healthy [...]

Best eyes in nature

Our world is filled with a staggering array of animal life, and today we’d like to take a closer look at some of the best eyes nature has to offer. Instead of trying to identify one animal that has the best eyes overall, we’re breaking it up into cat [...]

Moving into Movember

We are racing towards the end of the year and would like to remind you that there are only 7 weeks left to book your appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. Order you contact lenses in advance and make sure you can wear your stunning new sunglasses [...]

A bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman!

Ever wondered how no one recognized Clark Kent as Superman?  Anyone who wears glasses knows that they can make a major difference to the way someone’s face looks. They’re almost like a customizable facial feature! This is why it’s so important t [...]

Balancing act

Vestibular system and Vision For most of us, vision is a term used to describe how clear things are – however, vision is much more profound in our lives as just the clarity of the images that we see. To maintain balance and navigate space in our phys [...]

Karaoke anyone?

A morning of unexpected karaoke revealed a lovely singing voice from our Deidre de Jongh.  She was invited as a guest on the Jacaranda FM Breakfast Show with Martin Bester but little did she know that it was a karaoke competition. As always, she hand [...]

No more tears

Eyes constantly tearing? Do you have a stinging, burning or scratchy sensation in your eyes?  You may have a condition called dry eye. Marilize Le Roux is the dry eye expert at De Jongh Optometry and will prescribe the best treatment plan suitable to [...]