Checking Your Child’s Vision


Phew…What a relief! Everything is in place for the new school term….BUT have you checked your child’s vision?
In an ever competitive environment we strive to give our children the best advantage to perform and thrive. And so with the start of the new academic year we have gone to great lengths to get the new haircuts, clothes, book cases and stationary.
We have been meticulous with every little detail to provide a strong and secure foundation to start off the beginning of a new school career or a new academic year.
In the early stage of February we receive all the exciting information on and demands for opportunities to engage in sport, cultural and other extra-curricular activities, and off we are…rushing after the cricket bats, hockey sticks and rugby clothes.
BUT are we sure our children have adequate vision to ensure their optimal performance in all the demanding activities of the 2014 school year?
Are we sure we responded to the complaints of blurred vision, headaches, lack of concentration and learning frustration? Have we checked that the vision abilities are on par with those of their class mates? We easily expect an above average academic performance and brilliant achievement on the sports field, yet we have not taken our child for a full optometric evaluation to ensure our kids have clear vision to see and copy accurately from the board.
Remember 80% of what we learn is perceived though our vision…
We forget that frustration and poor performance in maths sometimes is due to focus difficulty caused by astigmatism, short sightedness or far sightedness. We forget that eye strain due to uncorrected blur erodes concentration and limit prolonged commitment to the learning task.
Deidre de Jongh and Carina Janzen would like to remind you that we are passionate about knowing that the children of our practice at DE JONGH OPTOMETRY are adequately equipped for their academic year.
If this critical appointment has slipped through on your ‘To-do list’, contact us at our branch in Moreleta Park (012) 9987592 or in Lynnwood (012) 807 5576. We offer a 15% reduction on our professional fees to all our school and student learners until 15 March 2014.


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