Relaxing your eyes is like relaxing your legs.

 “ The head bone connected from the neck bone
The neck bone connected from the shoulder bone …
…Shin bone connected from the ankle bone
 Ankle bone connected from the heel bone” – Dem Bones
(James Weldon Johnson)
Isn’t it interesting how everything in the universe is somehow connected?
When looking closely at how the body functions, we stand in awe when realizing how the brain acts as the master regulator of everything we plan, do, think and perceive.
staring-too-close-at-the-computer-screenWe are all dependant on how information technology in the form of computers, tablets, smart phones and digital displays suddenly acts as the master regulators in our occupational and recreational environment. We are so absorbed with ensuring that we perform optimally and end up literally spending hours looking at our computer and digital screens.
Just as our leg muscles are relaxed when standing flat footed – so are our eye muscles relaxed when looking at distant objects and scenery. While staring at our computer screens we often experience symptoms of discomfort such as eyestrain, blurred vision, burning and stinging and excessive tearing. All these symptoms affects our optimal vision comfort and performance and we often abort the activity prematurely because we are simply too uncomfortable, tired or experience a lapse in concentration.
Just as a pair of heeled shoes support and relieve the tension in our legs, while we stand on our toes for an extended period of time – so can a pair of Comfort Lenses support and relax our eye muscles while we continue our task at hand. Suddenly we find that working long hours and using our digital screens and computer technology is more comfortable simply because we provide our visual system with the relieving support it needs. It assists in preventing the symptoms of strain, it aids concentration and enables us to complete our task more efficiently.
By adding cutting edge technology in the form of a Blue Control Anti reflex lens coating the glare of digital screens are softened similar to reading from a printed page.
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