[fusion_text]Shortly after joining the De Jongh Optometry five years ago, Carina Janzen realised that she had a passion for assisting the gifted young sportsmen and women in Pretoria East to excel. This led her to pursue gaining further expertise in the optimisation of vision skills.

In 2009, Carina registered for a post graduate diploma in Sports Vision and Vision Development at the University of Johannesburg. As a result of her characteristic tenacity, she did nothing less than impress by her obtaining the qualification with distinction.

Under Carina’s capable direction, De Jongh Optometry’s new premises at 886 Rubenstein Drive offer a dedicated Sports Vision Skills Development centre where Carina hones the skill of young sportsmen and women, ensuring they have a cutting edge advantage over their competitors.

Contact De Jongh Optometry for a comprehensive Visual Sport Skills evaluation with Carina, and place yourself in a different league![/fusion_text]