This June we have two special events and as we are in the business of caring for your most treasured asset – YOUR VISION – we will let you in on a few secrets to take better care of your eyes.  


First up we have Men’s Health Awareness for the whole month of June.

Men – When you’re thinking about protecting your body, don’t forget about your eyes. They’re critical for your overall health. You only get one pair, so ocular health should be a top priority.

Here are a few tips to follow:-

Update your prescription.

502743463If it’s been more than a year since your last eye exam, it’s time to make an appointment. Here are two major reasons to do so:

1. Most people’s eyesight, unfortunately, gets worse over time. While new glasses may not be needed every year, it’s important to periodically re-check your eyes to ensure you remain 20/20.

2. Diabetes and even some brain disorders leave telltale early-warning signs in the eye that a our optometrists can detect.

Invest in better sunglasses.

If you’re still using cheap drugstore sunglasses, you leave your eyes open to damage from the sun’s UV rays. imagesProper sunglasses are UV-treated, polarized, or tint-correcting to ensure optimal visibility while protecting your eyes from damage.  If you’re into outdoor sports, we highly recommend special sports eyewear to protect your eyes from unexpected impact, injury and debris. There are even sport enhancing lens filters available to give you the cutting edge advantage in your performance.

Always follow the instructions on your contacts.
If you wear contacts, it’s critical to follow the instructions:
 Don’t leave lenses in overnight, unless designed for 24-hour wear.
 Don’t use disposable lenses for longer than recommended, as this increase the risk of sight threatening bacterial infections.
 Always follow proper cleaning procedures, with fresh cleaner every time, to prevent the buildup of infectious microbes.
 If your experience blurred vision, increased light sensitivity, redness and/or pain – immediately remove your lenses and visit us for an eye health check.

Secondly we will celebrate Youth Day on the 16th of June and recognise the vital contribution of the youth to the society.

It has been found that so much of a child’s learning is based on vision. Research has shown that the sooner a child with vision problems gets to experience the world with comfortable, clear vision – the better his or her academic performance will develop as the year’s progress.

Some tips for teens to look better after their eyes:-
• Take care to protect your eyes when you are playing, especially in sports.
• Turn on lights when it’s getting dark (especially if you’re reading).
• Wear sunglasses and hats on bright days.
• Tell your parent if your eyes are sore.
• Tell your teacher if you can’t see clearly the blackboard/whiteboard or your book clearly.
• Wear your glasses if you need them.
• Don’t wear other people’s glasses.
• Every 20 minutes let your eyes take a break.

Free yourself from glasses – try contact lenses: 

Fortunately glasses are no longer considered to be for “nerds” only.Womens_Frames_Related_links_460x153

It is a trendy, stylish fashion accessory. A pair of glasses besides being “cool”, has to fully compensate for vision problems. Glasses should be impact and scratch resistant, anti-reflective, easy to clean and be a perfect fit.
Considering that teens can be self-conscious, contact lenses may help teens feel greater self-esteem and more at ease around others. Active teens can also benefit by wearing contact lenses. Eye Care Professionals begin to recommend contact lens wear by age 7 to 14.

The real issue is not the age, but whether they are responsible enough to wear and care for the contact lenses property. Daily disposables doesn’t need a cleaning regimen because the lenses are thrown away at the end of each day. For this reason, daily disposables are a great vision correction option for most teens.

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