1308, 2019

The circle of life in 3D

The kids have been nagging you to go and see the latest 3D movie.    Have you ever wondered how 3D movies work? Polarized 3D glasses work the same way polarized sunglasses do, by filtering out light coming in from certain directions. The right lens i [...]

507, 2019

Balancing act

Vestibular system and Vision For most of us, vision is a term used to describe how clear things are – however, vision is much more profound in our lives as just the clarity of the images that we see. To maintain balance and navigate space in our phys [...]

506, 2019

A bird? A plane? No it’s Superman!

Ever wondered how no one recognized Clark Kent as Superman?  Anyone who wears glasses knows that they can make a major difference to the way someone’s face looks. They’re almost like a customizable facial feature! This is why it’s so important to cho [...]

305, 2019

Karaoke anyone?

A morning of unexpected karaoke revealed a lovely singing voice from our Deidre de Jongh.  She was invited as a guest on the Jacaranda FM Breakfast Show with Martin Bester but little did she know that it was a karaoke competition. As always, she hand [...]

504, 2019

No more tears

Eyes constantly tearing? Do you have a stinging, burning or scratchy sensation in your eyes?  You may have a condition called dry eye. Marilize Le Roux is the dry eye expert at De Jongh Optometry and will prescribe the best treatment plan suitable to [...]

1003, 2019

Under pressure

Glaucoma: Eyes Under Pressure Human eyesight is an incredibly complex system, and a problem anywhere along the way can lead to seriously compromised vision. One such problem is glaucoma, a group of eye conditions that affect millions of people in the [...]


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