Dry eye management

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Scratchy, teary, light sensitive, red eyes have a severe impact on the quality of life of a person who suffers with severe dry eye syndrome. This constant discomfort has an impact on occupational, recreational and general vision requirements as it affects clarity of vision and often inhibits normal activities. Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition that deserves special care and support to ensure continuous relief of symptoms. With our expert knowledge and cutting edge technology we are excellently positioned to manage this debilitating condition.

Low Vision

Low Vision

Loss of vision has many causes and has a significant impact on our quality of life, social interaction, driving and daily living activities. Conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes damage to the eye and genetic conditions can damage the central and peripheral vision. When the loss of vision can no longer be improved by spectacles or contact lenses, we can assist with supply and special training with magnifying devices and lifestyle changes to help you get along better.

Complex Contact Lens Fitting

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Some conditions, dystrophy and disease like keratoconus, trauma and genetic disease affect the front surface of the eye and cause distortion to vision that can’t be corrected with spectacle lenses or soft contact lenses. With the use of cutting edge technology and custom made specially designed contact lenses and contact lens materials it is possible to even out the irregular surface effect and restore good quality vision. We can evaluate the cause of distortion and corneal shape to assist in designing a complex, custom contact lens to assist your needs.


De Jongh Optometry - Child Eye Care






During early childhood the visual system is in a growth phase where good quality vision in both eyes is critical to ensure the optic nerves develop to their full potential. Disease and genetic abnormality can cause conditions such as squint and lazy eyes requiring special care, correction and treatment. Examining and correcting children’s vision is a scientific art and requires exceptional skill and care. We are passionate about the protection of child vision development.