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Avoid the queue by booking a FREE 15 minute appointment with one of our optometrists who will issue a drivers licence certificate.

The law stipulates that everyone renewing their driver’s licences must have their vision screened. Instead of waiting in long queues, you can have your screening conducted by an optometrist.

This project is conducted in co-operation with and approved by the licensing departments and the national Department of Transport. The screening does not replace a full eye examination. It will, however, reveal any potential problems you may have before you renew your driver’s licence.

You will receive an official certificate stating that you have had your vision screened by an optometrist. The certificate indicates the condition of your vision and will be accepted by the licensing departments.

When booking your online appointment to renew your drivers licence, phone or book online your 5 minute appointment with one of our optoms.

They will check your vision and one determined that your vision is safe and clear, complete your certificate.

This screening and issuing of certificate service is completely FREE of charge.

Book a 15 minute appointment here: http://dejonghoptometry.co.za/make-an-appointment/