Spring is in the air and for some of us it seemed to happen overnight!
Along with the beautiful blossoms, jasmine flowers and bright new green leaves comes a high dose of pollen. Teamed with a good waft of dust and grass seeds abundantly floating around in the air around us – most of us have a bit of sniffles, slightly pinkish reddish eyes and itchy eyelids.This is also the season where we become more aware of gritty, sensitive, teary eyes.
ALLERGYEYESLook out for the kids rubbing their eyes…it is critical to prevent eye rubbing at all cost. The latest research on keratoconus found that there is a significant correlation between allergic teenagers who rub their eyes and the development of keratoconus. Keratoconus is a dystrophy where the corneal membrane gets thinner, leading to distortion and ghosting of images seen. Unfortunately the blur that is caused by this can often not be fully corrected by spectacles lenses alone.
So remember when you notice anyone rubbing their eyes, please refer them for an eye examination so we can see if we can assist with eyedrops to prevent the itching and allergy.
The current environment is also conducive to dry eye syndrome…often referred to as “Dry eyes”. This diagnosis also sounds like a contradiction in terms as most people complaining about teary, scratchy, red and light sensitive eyes actually suffers with dry eye syndrome. The simple explanation for this is that one typically have enough tears, but there is an uneven spread of the tears over the surface of the eye. Small dry patches forms in the tearlayer and when we blink the eye lid touches the cells where there are no lubricating tears. This feels gritty, cause reflex tearing, irritation, redness.
At De Jongh Optometry we have a special Dry eye expert unit headed up by our optometrist, Marilize le Roux. When you visit us for a routine eye examination any one of our optometrists will evaluate your tear function and advise on relieving therapy. Should you have serious dry eye problems – we will recommend that Marlize le Roux assist you with an expert analysis of your condition and advise you on further care and follow up.
The purpose of the artificial tear remedy is actually a solution to the problem as the “Artificial tears” and “Eye lubricants” we prescribe to our patients, assists the tears to ‘stick’ on the eye more evenly and prevents the thin tear layer from evaporation between our individual eye blinks.
Remember 28 September 2015 is World Retina Day.  We will be focussing on raising awareness on eye conditions affecting the retina – such as macular degeneration, diabetes, high blood pressure and the eye and other rarer genetic conditions.
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