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All around the world, the month of February is synonymous with love. In this month’s newsletter, we would like you to fall in love with your eye health! Not only are your eyes the windows to your soul, it’s also one of your senses that you depend on most of the time.

At De Jongh Optometry we are absolutely in love with eyes! It is our favourite part of the body and is also one of the most complex organs – we are expertly trained to take care of this precious part of your anatomy.

Making your trip to the licensing department a little easier!

Driving is an activity that most of us partake in daily and some of us spend more than an hour driving to and from work. Everybody is on the go, whether you are a mom that drives your beloved kids to school and afternoon activities or a senior citizen going to the nursery or Bible study. De Jongh Optometry - Certificate for eye health

De Jongh Optometry takes the hassle out of your drivers’ license renewal by issuing you with a certificate for your eye health. This will ensure that you are one step ahead and makes the process at the license renewal offices easier. The best news is that we do this for the love of our profession and at NO CHARGE to the public!

Valentine’s Day: be confident with eye contact

Everyone wants to appear attractive on their first Valentine’s date. They say the first impression is the lasting impression and that is why people strive to look their best on first dates and first time meetings. De Jongh Optometry - Daily contact lenses

Personal grooming and taking care of your personal appearance does pay off, as you will be remembered for being well maintained and also for any special features, like the kind of outfit you were wearing or the unique color of your eyes.

If you really want to impress that guy or girl on the first date, you should probably not stare at him or her over a pair of specs – rather try daily contact lenses for a more natural look! Feel free to visit us for a contact lens examination and suitability trial fitting.

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography is a computer assisted diagnostic tool that creates a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea. The cornea (the front window of the eye) is responsible for about 70 percent of the eye’s focusing power. De Jongh Optometry - Corneal Topography

An eye with normal vision has an evenly rounded cornea, but if the cornea is too flat, too steep, or unevenly curved, less than perfect vision results. The greatest advantage of corneal topography in our practice is its ability to detect irregular conditions invisible to most conventional testing.

Corneal topography produces a detailed, visual description of the shape and power of the cornea. This type of analysis provides us with very fine details regarding the condition of the corneal surface. These details are used to diagnose, monitor, and treat various eye conditions and assist with contact lens fitting.

Bruder Eye Compress: relief for tired eyes

If your eyes feel tired and dry after a long night out with your loved one, we can recommend a Bruder eye mask for immediate relief of tired eyes.

Bruder Eye Compress is a heat compress system that is natural, fast-acting and easy to use:

  • Microwave for 20 seconds then apply over closed eyes
  • Assists with Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)
  • MediBeads® absorb and store water molecules from the air
  • Replenishes moisture and relieves dryness
  • Stabilises the tear film, improves oil gland function and slows tear evaporation

Contact De Jongh Optometry for more information and availability of this wonderful product!

The importance of taking care of your child’s eye health

Our children are our most loved and, sometimes more than other times, precious treasures. Their eye health might be forgotten as children adapt to most circumstances and will not complain about vision problems. Studies show that 48% of parents with children under the age of 10 have not taken their child for an eye examination. A routine eye check-up will rule out any eye problems.

If however there is a vision problem, De Jongh Optometry can treat and manage it accordingly. Our optometrists are trained to adapt to your child’s age and are extremely creative in making sure that the little ones get tested in a fun, but accurate way.


(One of the child-friendly tests that assist us to help the little ones) 

Even babies can be evaluated and treated, so don’t fear when your child is not verbal yet – we can assist! Make your appointment today at our Moreleta practice by phoning 012 998 7592, or our Lynnwood practice on 012 807 6027.

The eyes and the brain: a critical connection

Did you know that when you are attracted to someone your pupils (the black circle surrounded by the colour portion of the eye) gets larger? This is because the brain releases a chemical messenger that triggers dilation. So, on February 14th the chances are good that your Valentine’s pupil will be dilated when you enjoy your romantic moonlit dinner!

The brain is a fascinating organ and although we ‘see’ with our eyes, it is the brain that makes sense of all these images. This is also the reason an eye cannot be transplanted: more than 1 million nerve fibres connect each eye to the brain and those connections cannot be reconstructed. It is therefore of utmost importance that your eye health be checked on a regular basis, even more so when you get older, as your visual system can tell us quite a bit about the functioning of the brain. De Jongh Optometry - Your eyes and the brain

At De Jongh Optometry some of our speciality fields are neuro optometry as well as binocular vision. We make use of the most recent instrument technology to help us in diagnosing any neurological defect. Although we cannot fix everything, we strive to make sure that even the most complex visual system, due to brain injuries caused by a stroke or a concussion, can function and be comfortable to perform daily tasks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 012 998 7592 (Moreleta practice) or 012 807 6027 (Lynnwood practice). May your eyes sparkle with love this February!

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