Myopia Control Links – Click on each link for more info.

My Kids Vision – a free online tool that helps parents assess and manage myopia risks for their kids.

Myopia Profile – a clinical framework tool to determine patients at risk of myopia development and progression.

Myopia Care – offers a scientific approach to support a clinical pathway for children and young adults at risk of myopia or myopia progression, their parents and eye care professionals.

What a baby sees during its first year.

Simply attach these images to the stroller or above the changing table / cot.

Excite baby’s eyes with these cards.

Print out the image provided (a black and white snail). Slowly move it in front of baby’’s eyes, from left to right. The black and white concentric rings will grab baby’s attention. She will look to follow it as it moves. This exercise will help baby to use both eyes together and track a moving object.

Safety Tip: Remember, cards should be handled by adults only. Print-outs from your computer are not baby-proof!