Purchasing a pair of spectacles is a long term investment. Unfortunately improper care can cause damage to your lenses and may result in unwanted scratches & blurriness.


  • We recommend you use a hard spectacles case to store your spectacles when not in use. This will prevent any unnecessary scratching and will extend the life of your frame.
  • To ensure your spectacles alignment is not put at risk, always use two hands when putting on or removing your spectacles.
  • Put your frames down lens surface up, to prevent them from being scratched.
  • Do not let anyone try on your spectacles. Letting others wear your spectacles, even for a moment, may cause stretching or other damage.
  • Have your spectacles adjusted every 3-4 months. This allows us to check for loose screws or other potential problems. If your frame breaks, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Bring it to us and we’ll repair it appropriately.


  • Rinse your lenses with water before wiping or cleaning or use our special lens cleaner spray.
  • Only use a clean soft, non-fibrous cloth to clean your spectacle lenses. Using any other materials will cause your lenses to be scratched.
  • Gently, rub the lenses in a circular motion to wipe the cleaning solution across the surface of the lens. Remember to avoid touching the lenses with your fingers.
  • Use only the correct cleaning solution for your lens.
  • Nose pads can be cleaned easily using a cotton bud which is dipped into cleaning solution.

Where possible, we try to repair and adjust optical frames and sunglasses at the patient’s own risk.


The everyday use of your spectacles can result in them becoming loose or crooked, or a screw may work loose and fall out. If this happens please come and see us and we’ll be happy to readjust your spectacles. This is a free service.


We make every effort to repair & return broken spectacle frames as soon as possible. If the frame is not repairable, we may be able to cut your current lenses to fit into a new frame.

Because nose pads and screws commonly need replacing, we replace these free of charge. For larger parts and specialized parts, we will provide you an estimate of the cost of replacement.

Bring in your frame, we will clean it for free. We also sell cloths, cleaning sprays and wipes at affordable prices.